your acl

Your ACL (anterior cruciate ligament) is a valuable part of your knee that supports and stabilizes the knee's movement. Over 200,000 ACL tears are reported in the United States each year. Typically these injuries happen during athletic activity when a person stops suddenly or has a sudden change in direction while running, pivoting or landing after a jump. This sudden impact results in an injured or torn ACL.


Who Tears Their ACL?

Torn ACLs are not uncommon. Simply put, anyone can suffer from a torn ACL. Moreover, torn ACLs do not discriminate based on physical abilities, age or condition. While torn ACLs can be common in children, usually other non-surgical options are considered when treating children with torn ACLs.


ACL Reconstruction

ACL reconstruction is not typically performed until after swelling and inflammation has been reduced. In the procedure, the torn ACL is completely removed and replaced because simply reconnecting the torn ends will not repair the ACL. Autograft) is used to reconstruct ACL.


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