Anterolateral Ligament

The Anterolateral Ligament (ALL) is located in the knee and plays a crucial part in stability and mobility.  This ligament originates at the lateral epicondyle of the femur and continues into the tibia.  An injury to this ligament is detrimental to mobility and quite painful. 

Anterolateral reconstruction can benefit patients who have experienced ACL tears in the past.  It is a minimally invasive reconstruction.  For some patients, ruptures of the ACL and ALL cause too much joint laxity that traditional ACL reconstruction cannot fully remedy them, though, an Anterolateral Ligament can be performed in association with ACL procedures. 

The Anterolateral Ligament is very important in chronic ACL injuries, female ACL injuries, and athletes that do contact sports. 

ALL Reconstruction has been studied and performed in Europe with great results. Currently, Calvin is one of a few surgeons who performs ALL Reconstructions in the United States.


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